On a work trip to Dallas in the spring of 2009, one of her team members insisted they all go out to eat at an Armenian restaurant.  Everyone was a bit skeptical of what they would find at the restaurant, but when Lileith saw they had live belly dance entertainment, she was sold!  This is where she saw her first live belly dance performance and from that moment she knew she had to do THAT!  She didn't know how, living in Fayetteville, AR, but she just knew she had to try.  To her delight, she was able to find classes with the Siren Bellydance Troupe of Northwest Arkansas, led by local belly dance teacher Diana Shepherd.  After studying with them, she quickly became a performing troupe member, and performed her first solo dance after just one year of study.  This led to many other troupe and solo performances at conventions and festivals and eventually to professional work in hookah bars, private parties, fundraising events, art shows and corporate events.   

Lileith has studied with both local teachers, and world famous belly dance stars including Ansuya Rathor, Sadie Marquardt and Isidora Hart (Izzy).  She has taken workshops with Yasmine of South Carolina, Aradia, Michelle Joyce and Zoe Jakes, Princess Farhana, Suhaila Salimpour, Aziza, and Mia Sha'uri.  She was fortunate to take private lessons with original Belly Dance Superstar Ansuya Rathor, eventually earning her Ansuya Bellydance Certification, in 2013.  This program is a deep dive into creating an evolving, eclectic, sensually empowered, personal belly dance style with a strong technical base in American Cabaret Technique and Improvisation Concepts, Fusion and Prop Technique and Combos.   

Through her education and experience she developed a style that is uniquely hers.  She dances American Cabaret style, inspired and infused with other dance stylings such as hip hop, samba, Tahitian and Bollywood.  Her favorite props have become Isis Wings, fan veil, and most of all Fire Fans!   

Lileith's dances tell stories, embodying a character, so that each dance has depth and meaning.  Her goal is to touch and stir the souls of the audience.  Because of her broad range of fusion dance study, she has become a versatile and innovative dancer, always bringing variety and fresh ideas to the stage.  

Currently, Lileith is the business manager and a founding member of Orenda, a Fayetteville-based Cirque Group that produces and performs theatrical variety shows of different themes.   She also brings the gift of belly dance to the younger generation through Princess Jasmine Bellydance Parties.  Contact her at dancewithlileith@gmail.com for any booking or class information!