"She's soft, beautiful and spiritual by nature, and she can frick'n hold your attention with dance!!  My only job that night was to walk around and close the guests' mouths one by one."

--Theresa King, Founder and Chief Inspirational Officer of Talk of the Town, NWA

"Lileith is a mesmerizing dancer with captivating grace and enchanting beauty.  Her fluidity is stunning and she beams throughout her performance.  Her dedication to her craft does not go unnoticed, her moves are so skillful and very unique, truly a breathtaking performer.  I will attend an event just to see her perform."

--Mackenzie Moon

"We were hosting a Persian dinner and she made the event feel like you were attending dinner in a Persian household.  We absolutely had a wonderful experience. We will book Lileith again. Simply wonderful. We had a party of 10 whose aunt was having her 90th bday. She engaged her and was the highlight of the night. Talent, kindness and compassion 5 stars!"

--Pam Tipton